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Assemble active components from our library of components' models and draft the software of your device with functional blocks
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Accurate simulation results in a few minutes

Make the right technical choices based on 92% accurate results

Performance analysis

With data visualisations, learn how your device's components and states perform and consume the most battery power. Find how to improve it.

Cost forecast analysis

Know from the very beginning how much your device’s BOM will cost based on 150 distributors and get directly the right technical support.

Production files generation

Take an edge on the next design step: download the lists of all the connections between your components, their datasheets as well as their parameters.
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Our first customers saved an average of 200.000€ per project, 3 months per year invested in R&D and required 50% less hardware revisions.
We more than doubled the battery life of our device with simple design changes.
Portrait of Vincent Dudek Percko
Vincent Dudek
Hardware Engineer at Percko
Wisebatt showed us all the possible improvements of our design.
Portrait of Jérémy Ardouin Wi6Labs
Jérémy Ardouin
Founder & CTO at Wi6Labs
We saved months and thousands of dollars in R&D by avoiding estimation errors.
Portrait of Pierre Guiu at Orosound
Pierre Guiu
Founder & CEO at Orosound
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