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Female electronics firmware software engineer in front of screen

Our inspiration

For the past ten years, the electronics ecosystem has changed radically: the acceleration of the pace of innovation, the increasing complexity of technologies and a tighter time-to-market. These disruptive factors pushed engineering companies to rethink their processes.
Two men working on a project on a computer at wisebatt

Our vision

Inspired by the software industry, a new wind blows on hardware design. We think that engineers should focus on what matters the most: tackling new technological challenges and improving our everyday lives.
“How can we support the creativity amongst engineers while allowing them to meet deadlines and specifications? How to design better, faster?”
large portrait Wilfried Dron and Marion Blatter Cofounders of Wisebatt
Marion Blatter
CPO & Co-founder
Wilfried Dron
CEO & Co-founder

Our ambition

Allow each hardware designer to spend a few moments from an idea to a virtual prototype, then to a specification, then to the right partners. The new devices that will reinvent our everyday use will be made of hardware. It is time to give this industry the tools it deserves.

“We believe that hardware engineering can only evolve by eliminating repetitive and low value-added tasks.”

Our references

Pauline Pham
R&D Engineer at Sigfox Foundation
Julien Duchamp & Clémence Guivarch
Development & Production at Librafluides Concept

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Our team

What makes Wisebatt unique is its diverse and talented team

Team Portrait Wisebatt Wilfried Dron
Wilfried Dron
CEO & Co-founder
Team Portrait Wisebatt Marion Blatter
Marion Blatter
CPO & Co-founder
Team Portrait Wisebatt Pedro Lusich
Pedro Lusich
C++/ML developer
Team Portrait Wisebatt Imane Khalis
Imane Khalis
Scrum Master/C++
Team Portrait Wisebatt Hrishikesh Bosale
Hrishikesh Bhosale
C++/Py developer
Team Portrait Wisebatt maher Jouini
Maher Jouini
Web developer
Team Portrait Wisebatt Désirée Deutou
Désirée Deutou
Web Developer
Team Portrait Wisebatt Alexis Journault
Alexis Journault
Web developer
Team Portrait Wisebatt Loic Aublet
Loïc Aublet
Web developer
Team Portrait Wisebatt Jessica Delplace
Jessica Delplace
Office Mgt & Support
Aurélie Szykulla
Marketing & Communication
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