Assess and optimise the battery life of your device in just a couple of minutes.

With Estimate you can finally focus on what you do best:
design great products.

Design better systems
Visualize precisely what impacts the battery life of your device and improve its design to reach your requirements.
Work better, faster
Avoid redesigns and better control the duration of your roamap for a secured go-to-market.
ESTIMATE allowed us to test more than 20 different architectures to explore options we could not think of before.
Pierre Guiu
Co-founder & CEO @ Orosound
ESTIMATE showed us all the possible improvements of our design. If we had used it before we could have avoided a re-design.
Jeremy Ardouin
Co-founder & CTO @ Wi6Labs

Trusted by amazing engineers to :

Draft BOM
Benchmark and select components to quickly draft a bill of material for your battery-powered device
Assess first design
Quickly check-up the battery life of your system before the first prototype to avoid redesigns
Improve continuously 
Understand and improve the battery life of your design with a deep breakdown of its battery consumption

A complete tool

to model your system and assess its battery lifetime

Hardware specifications
Simulate all the heterogeneous aspects of your system - whether electronic or chemical.
Software + Network
Complete your hardware specifications with software behavior and network interactions.
Visual Results
Data vizualisations help you understand precisely how specific components and behavior consume the most of your battery power.
Explore a wide range of  architectural and technological options to find the ones that meets your requirements in a matter of minutes.
Visualize the classic current and battery supply voltage curves
Simply select the information level that you want to include in your report
Get an overview of the battery energy consumed by each component group
Bridge the gap between your software functions and their energy consumption
Understand how the connected objects in your network are consuming energy
Drag and drop any pre-defined platform gateway or any of your previously designed platforms
Estimate will take care of any collision or out of range issues
Quickly describe your device's behavior even if its software is not fully developped yet
Find in the library all the states that your future device can handle
Provide Estimate with your architecture using a simple drag-and-drop interaction
Components meta-models are organised in function-oriented categories
You will shortly be able to import your schematics from most EDA tools


Pre-built or custom libraries

Use our library of components or create your own. If one of the components you need is missing, simply ask us !

Advanced user management

Easily control administering and managing roles and access levels across your team.

Collaborative prototyping

Share your prototype so that members of your team can access to your design changes in just a few clicks.

Work anywhere

Estimate is a Software as a Service that will let you work on and test your prototypes instantly, on any browser.


Save your prototypes in the cloud and load them anywhere.

Version control

Acces your design history and revert any changes at any time.

Component suggestion

Estimate suggests components based on the latest technology and the most common designs.

Commenting system

Estimate let you insert comments in your designs to better collaborate with your team.

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Test the battery life of your device in a few minutes

with our unique simulation technology
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