The electronic field is constantly upgrading with innovative products, solutions and fast growing technologies. It’s essential for every electronic engineer to keep track of the revolutionary changes.

Experts spend their quality time researching about electronics by visiting factories, attending conferences and exhibitions. But they can also give interviews where they share their experiences with people interested in this field.

We shortlisted five videos of conversational interviews of the electronic experts that we liked the most. These interviews provide in-depth knowledge in the work-life of electronics, but also the challenges faced in terms of security and privacy.

1. Ladyada interview with Paul Horowitz – The Art of Electronics @adafruit @electronicsbook This interview is led by Ladyada, CEO of Adafruit’s Industries. She interviews Paul Horowitz, co-author of the Art of Electronics. Horowitz is also a Research Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering at Harvard University. You may get surprised to know that he never took an electronic course, yet he has a great expertise in electronics. We strongly advise every electronic student and engineer who wishes to have a better understanding of electronics to have his book on their workbench.

2. How it is to work as an electronic engineer? Dan, an electronic engineer from Australia  explains what it means to be a designer of electronic equipment at a radio station. This technically savvy person shares his work-life experience. And it includes software development, circuit design, circuit building and maintenance tasks.

Dan also noted the challenges faced in the maintenance of the system. He didn’t forget to give some advice for electronic career aspirants.

I would suggest you to not just focus on one particular element of engineering but to focus on a broad set of skills. For example, in the radio industry you can’t just focus on transmission or communication. Rather you must also be an IT guy. says DAN JACKSON.
3. Inside a Huge PCB Factory – in China

If you’ve been inquisitive about how circuit boards are made, this video answers probably your questions. Scotty Allen, software engineer and founder of the youtube channel Strange Parts, takes us inside a China-based PCB factory. He wants to show us how simple it is to manufacture a printed circuit board.

Allen takes us on a tour with a technical support representative and an engineer in the factory. The company’s software makes it easy to review the design files of engineers. The goal is to turn this design into a low-cost finished product. The video also shows the working of multi-layer board process, the drilling machines and the solder mask application.

4. IoT is Growing at a Rapid Rate, but has it Neglected Security?

In Dublin Tech Summit 2017, a panel of electronics experts discussed about the security of IoT. They shared different viewpoints about the neglected security of IoT, and suggested measures to solve that. The panel included for instance Rik Ferguson, Vice President Security Research at Trend Micro and Sheila Colclasure, Global Public Policy and Privacy at Acxiom.

Rik Ferguson expresses the fact that IoT systems from different manufacturers have no standard at all. He recommends these companies to have a protected and structured access to the system in order to improve privacy. Sheila Colclasure shares the same opinion. She suggests having a methodology to advance the security system. For that, companies should strengthen their security systems by keeping secured and invulnerable data.

5. IoT World Forum 2015 – CTO Prith Banerjee Interview

On the IoT World Forum 2015, Prith Banerjee, CTO of Schneider Electric, explains how his firm provides value to customers through the Internet of Things.

He believes in these four pillars: Energy Efficiency, Asset Performance, Smart Operations, Mobile Operations and Risk Management. Banerjee argues that this is applicable to their customers in different markets such as home, retail, IT infrastructure and utility industries.

In order to develop a revolutionary industry, we can’t replace entirely the existing products on certain industries like oil and gas

Prith Banerjee.

He explains his approach and how to revolutionize the electronic industry.

At Wisebatt, we will be following the same conversational approach to bring videos of electronic experts sharing their knowledge on electronics. Because watching videos of electronic experts not only improves your knowledge, but also answers the questions you’re facing. So stay tuned!