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More than 15 years of scientific research
at the Computer Science Laboratory of Sorbonne University (LIP6 - Paris).

Tested and validated in over 200 experimentations in several environment configurations.

Patented technology


A multimodal simulation technology...

Our technology estimates the autonomy of a device by taking into account the entire system, its operation and its consumption, as well as the non-linearities of its power source(s).

... using adaptative "scheduling" algorithms

Several "scheduling" algorithms adapt the simulation performance (speed, accuracy, etc.) as a function of the nonlinearity degree of the modeled system.


Battery life relies on the electronic components that form the device's hardware.

The issue

It is important to consider every component in a device to estimate its battery life. In addition, their individual behavior must be taken into account.

Our solution

Our technology is based on a specific modeling process that allow us to reach a good level of accuracy both on the component functions and on its non-functional characteristics (power consumption variation, temperature range).
See modeled components

Battery Life

Our technology takes into consideration the impact of battery behavior on the battery life of your device.

The issue

Batteries have a non-linear behavior which changes depending on various factors (temperature, technology used, form factor, residual energy, aging, etc.).

Their behavior when the batteries are half empty differs from when they are completely full, and can be difficult to assess.

Our solution

Our models take into account the battery chemistry and their technical specifications as well as their internal impedances, recovering effects and supply voltage variations.
See modeled batteries

Embedded Software

Wisebatt is the first technology that can estimate the impact
of software on battery life before a first prototype.

The issue

The time distribution of software activity (the time spent in each state or function of the software) is often quite different from the distribution of consumption (the energy consumed in each of these states or function). This makes it difficult to access because it requires the use of measuring tools.

Our solution

Wisebatt allows you to discover how different states or functions impact the battery life of your device. You can compare different firmware drafts to achieve your requirements.


Communication can have a significant impact on your battery life.

The issue

The technology that will be implemented in your device as well as your communication strategy must be considered in order to have accurate estimation results. 

Our solution

Our technology allows you to consider both the communication type (Sigfox, LoRa, BLE, etc.) and the way your device will use it to send data.

Components & Batteries

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BATTERIES & Power sources

We are currently building the library and focused on the most used components
for electronic devices, so the parts that you need might be missing.
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