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Benchmark different technologies. Choose the best components for your device. Design your new device in just a few minutes

Step 1: Schematics

Select components and batteries from our library to quickly draft your device's schematics. 
Your newly created Bill Of Materials uses virtual components specifically modeled by our team of engineers based on their datasheets.

Step 2: Behavior

Describe the behavior of your device, even when if its not fully developed yet. 
Our algorithm generates all the possible states that your hardware can handle based on your schematics.

Step 3: Get results

Access accurate technical information generated by Wisebatt

Discover results such as battery life of your device, its power consumption, cost of BOM, the lead time of your components... and improve your architecture in a few minutes. Once you are satisfied with your design, download the production files and go quickly to your next design phase!
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Work on your virtual prototype anywhere. Share it with members of your team so that they can access your design changes in just a few clicks.
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Get inspired 

Explore development kits and inspiring projects shared by silicon vendors and major industry players. Access reference designs and use them to start your project.

Our modeled components library

Find all the parts supported by Wisebatt's simulation tool.

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